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Today your SEQALAB hosts offer up a tips and techniques segment on “inking” in Adobe Illustrator!  Learn about all of the advantages of vector-based line art! Play along at home  –  download a companion tutorial file produced by Elena Barbarich here.

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The Ever Kinetic Rashad Doucet hosts today’s episode covering this past week’s comic industry news, Elena’s account of her time working for the  Belgian Comic Strip Center, and the gang’s selected “must reads.” We also check in on Nat “MoneyBox” Landry for a review of the Vagabond art books, and Jarrett, Kevin, and Kate’s time up at SCAD-Atlanta’s Publishers Day event!

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It’s that time of the year again. Each Fall the Sequential Art Department hosts the Comics Art Forum which invitesa group of working professionals to come and spend a few days in Savannah. While here, our guests speak with SCAD students, give specialized workshops, and participate in a panel discussion that is free and open to the public. This year, all of our guests are SCAD Almuni! 

Thursday, November 6th
6:00-8:00pm Panel Discussion @ Arnold Hall Auditorium.

Friday, November 7th
10:00am-1:00pm Workshop #1 (Norris Hall)
2:30pm-5:00pm  Portfolio Reviews

Saturday, November 8th
11:00am-2:00pm Workshop #2 (Norris Hall)
6:00pm-8:00pm  Reception at the Red Gallery 

OUR GUESTS: David Silva

BIO: As an only-child in a single parent home, it didn’t take long for David Silva to find his two passions in life- art and toys. Drawing everything from dinosaurs to robots David found inspiration in his toys, cartoons, and comic books. A few decades later not much has changed.  After completing his Sequential Art studies and also finishing an additional major in Illustration, David graduated from SCAD in the summer of 2003 with two BFA’s. Three weeks later he began his first professional design assignment. David worked as a full-time freelance designer for McFarlane toys. David showed a particular interest in the animal inspired characters and became a major contributor to lines such as dragons, Warriors of the Zodiac, and other in-house lines. Animal inspired creatures such as the Twisted X-Mas Reindeer, Zodiac Aries, Spawn Crocodile King, and Blade Hunters Griffin are just a few of David’s sculpts in addition to several of the dragons figures. He now works full-time from his home in Hackensack, NJ as a free-lance sculptor for Hasbro working on brands such as Star Wars and GI Joe.      

WORKSHOP: Focusing on the development of creatures and animals traditionally associated with fantasy (dragons will be used as an example), this demo will show a process of design incorporating the anatomy and attributes of real world animals to create more believable creations for concept stories of any genre. The demo includes the importance or proper reference, execution of a detailed design drawing, and sculpting tips for texturing maquettes. During the demo, the students will be encouraged to participate with the development of a new dragon as the instructor shows how to execute each step from pencil sketch, to marker rendering to drawing the creature from multiple views. Although several design techniques will be demonstrated, the focus of the demo is how to gather and apply the information necessary for creating a new creature, and more so than application of materials. In addition, Castilene, a wax and clay sculpting material used in the toy industry, will be used to demonstrate a few sculpting techniques for dragon scales and skin textures.

Kristian Donaldson

BIO: An alumni of the Sequential Dept 2003, Kristian Donaldson, has worked for a variety of comics publishers including Image Comics, DC / Vertigo comics, Marvel Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM studios, and Wildstorm. In 2007 Kristian was nominated for an Eisner Award for best coloring on “Supermarket” which he also drew. A frequent collaborator with superstar writer Brian Wood, Kristian is currently working on his 4th issue of the Vertigo series DMZ, and is working on an original graphic novel for Vertigo entitled “99 Days”. Recently his work was featured on the covers of CHUCK for Wildstorm based on the NBC show, and his work has been displayed on Recently he’s branched into the commercial illustration field, working as illustrator and graphic designer on a campaign for design legend Phillipe Starck. In addition to his comics work, Kristian is collaberating with Brian Wood on developing a video game as co creator and lead designer. 

WORKSHOP 1 – Friday: “Total Style”. A workshop about why the division of labor is dead, and how being a comprehensive illustrator is  the present and future of comics. discussions will emphasize having a unified design ethic based on the type of story you want to tell.

WORKSHOP 2 – Saturday: “No More Paper”. A workshop meant to show powerful new tools and interesting techniques for digital inking. How to get an authentic inking look and style without ever touching paper. Even purists and inking snobs will find something interesting in this workshop.      

Meghan Jean Kinder

BIO: Meghan Jean Kinder works as a painter and visual development artist for LAIKA Entertainment in Portland, Oregon. Originally from the deserts of Arizona, she moved east to receive her BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design before finally venturing to the Northwest. Previously she has worked as a background artist for Cartoon Network, and published with Dark Horse Comics.   

WORKSHOP: Developing A Shape Language For Your EnvironmentsThis lecture will take students through an exercise in developing a unique and appropriate design “language” for a project–whether in comics, animation, or illustration. Basically, how the heck to come up with a style for your story! The focus of this exercise will be on props and environments. Will be very interactive, so students should come ready to THINK and DRAW! Yeah!   

Joey Weiser

BIO: Joey Weiser is a 2005 graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design and has contributed to several comics anthologies, including Put the Book Back on the Shelf: A Belle & Sebastian Anthology, Superior Showcase, and the Harvey Award-winning Flight series. Weiser’s first graphic novel, The Ride Home, was published in 2007 by AdHouse Books, and he recently released a collection of short stories from mini-comics, anthologies, and new material titled Tales of Unusual Circumstance. 

WORKSHOP: Creative Problem SolvingThere is more than one way to write a comic!  Weiser will discuss a method for writing and conceptualizing that can jump-start the creative process and battle issues like writer’s block.  He will show examples from his work as well as others.  Students will then challenge each other using an unconventional writing method provided by Weiser, and each produce a one-page collaborative comic.  Please bring drawing/inking supplies and at least one piece of bristol.       

Mark Schultz

BIO: Mark Schultz has been cartooning, illustrating and writing for longer than he cares to admit.  His best-known creation is the award-winning speculative adventure comic book Xenozoic Tales, which has been adapted to television as the animated series Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. He has also created and written the undersea adventure SubHuman with paleontologist Michael Ryan. In addition to his own works, Mark has drawn or scripted many popular fictional icons, including Superman, Flash Gordon, Tarzan, the Spirit and Conan of Cimmeria. Currently, he writes the Prince Valiant comic strip for the funny papers, continues producing material for his Various Drawings book collections and is hard at work illustrating his soon-to-be-released novella, Storms At Sea. The graphic novel science primer he has written, The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA, will be published by Hill and Wang in early 2009.   

WORKSHOP: Mark will show he takes a drawing from inception, all the way through to completion. From initial comp ideas, through model work and referencing to final inks. Students should be encouraged to bring along their own drawing and inking materials and work along with the artist. A large part of the workshop will be inking–emphasizing black and while composition–and he’ll work with the students individually.   

Chris Sasaki

BIO: Chris Sasaki works as a character designer for LAIKA Entertainment in Portland, Oregon. He received a BFA in animation at Woodbury University in Burbank, Ca. During school he interned at DreamWorks Animation and was mentored by various artists in the art department. Since graduating, he has been character designing at fun places like Rhythm and Hues, Disney, and Jim Henson.   

WORKSHOP: This workshop will be an overview of fundamentals of character design. Will discuss various principles like thumbnails, shape language, silhouette, etc. There will be a demonstration of my typical process for developing a design from start to finish.  Students should be prepared to draw and have fun!   

Nick Dragotta

BIO: Nick Dragotta is a SCAD alumnus who graduated with a B.F.A. in sequential art in 1997.  Since graduating, he’s gone on to write, pencil, ink and color comics professionally for Marvel and DC Comics as well as creator owned projects. His work can be seen primarily at Marvel Comics, drawing such books as X-Statix presents: Deadgirl, X-men First Class, and most recently The Age of the Sentry.  Dragotta is also a co-creator of “Howtoons,” a website and children’s comic published by HarperCollins.  The second Howtoons book comes out in 2009.  His work for “Howtoons” was included in the Cooper-Hewitt, “Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006” exhibition in New York City.  Outside of comics Nick has also worked with New Balance and Hasbro, doing shoe and toy design.   

WORKSHOP: Elements to making successful comics.  Nick’s workshop will take a look at what students can do to improve their comics.  Nick will do a drawing demo breaking down his process and what he thinks about when tackling the page.  Topics covered will include: translating a script to thumbnails, solving design problems, improving your anatomy, pencilling, inking and everything in between.  Workshop will also cover breaking in, creator owned comics vs. work for hire, and more.   

Jon Proctor

BIO: Jon Proctor has worked and lived in Savannah GA since receiving his degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1997 – he came for an education and has achieved much more. His clients include The Wall Street Journal, FHM (London), Sundance Publishing, Scholastic, Heavy Metal Magazine, and Breakaway Magazine. In his early career Jon worked primarily in the comic book industry. At Marvel Comics his credits include work on the Electra and Daredevil series as well as co-creating the Gun Theory series; during that stage he also worked for DC Comics on Batman & Robin. Additionally, Jon co-created the Black Diamond series with Larry Young at AIT/ Planet Lar. Jon’s vibrant pallet and exquisite conceptualization skills continue to garner industry recognition.   

WORKSHOP: This workshop will be a very hands-on experience. Procter will deal with perspective, line weight, spotting blacks, composition, continuity, expression, and critique.   

Jennie Breeden

BIO: Jennie Breeden is the creator of the daily Web comic The Devil’s Panties. This semi-autobiographical strip follows the adventures of Jen at comic conventions, drinking with pirates, and the occasional commentary of Jesus and the Devil on the medicinal aspects of natural herbs. Jennie lives in Atlanta Georgia but spends most of her time working the conventions.   

WORKSHOP:  An open webcomic course; production, distribution, marketing, sales.  Tips on building readership and maintaining the site. Merchandise; what sells and what’s still sitting in my garage. Cost of conventions and alternative ways of getting your readers to give you money for a free webcomic. But most important of all; updating.   

Erica Curry

BIO: Erica is a SCAD alumnus, graduated in 2006 with a major in Sequential Art. She has done work for TOKYOPOP Inc., which includes her original english language manga series entitled Sea Princess Azuri, and a short story in the Princess Ai: Rumors from the Other Side manga anthology – which she both wrote and fully arted. She’s done various other freelance illustrations.   

WORKSHOP: Understanding ContractsIn this workshop we’ll take a look at understanding contracts. We’ll look at different types of contracts, what some of the specific legal jargon actually means – including the benefits and pitfalls hidden within, and copyright issues. We’ll talk about how advances and royalties actually work, and discuss using a lawyer to get better wording. Time permitting; we’ll also take a look at some of Erica’s art technique. Bring a computer tablet pen, and be prepared to take notes!   

Lee Loughridge

BIO: Working in the comics industry for over 14 years, Lee Loughridge has worked with virtually every publisher, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Oni etc..   He has worked on Hundreds of titles over the years, most recently, Punisher for Marvel, Hellblazer/Young Liars and House of Mystery for DC/Vertigo and Fear Agent for Dark Horse.   In 1997 He formed Zylonol Studio Inc.   Zylonol mainly works in the Comic industry with the occasional leap into television and action sports.  He currently runs the studio remotely from his residence in Newport Beach California.   

WORKSHOP:1.  History of color from hand guides/rubilith to digital color and separations.2.  Color theory and story telling thru use of color.3.  Techniques.   All the different ways to render.4.  Anatomy of a page   How I approach a page.5.  Business side of the industry  Forming an S corp or LLc as opposed to dealing with the self employment side.6.  Tactics for submitting and obtaining a job in this field7.  Q&A   

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SEQALAB PJ’s embark on the loooooongest show ever. We remember the good times we shared with Scott Kurtz and Dave Kellett when they visited. Jarrett gets lost. Listen as your SEQALAB hosts  answer listener emails and discuss the news. Jarrett is found. Then continue on our voyage as we chat about our must reads.

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Join SEQALAB for a “live” account of SCAD’s participation in the International 24-Hour Comics Day event!  We recorded all through the wee-hours of the night and take you along step-by-step with dedicated cartoonists as they strive for the glory! Learn what it takes to rise to the challenge from creators as they’re creating! Hear Sweetwater and Burkhalter break down from delirium!

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The SEQA hosts provide an in-depth look at the recent SPX event from both sides of the table – as presenters, and as convention antennas. Get the total and complete take on the con, followed directly by our Big Minis segment, and an important note on public health!

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picture-1.png Support Doug Wagner, a SEQA homie, today and vote for Hammersound in this month’s Zuda competition!

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The SEQALAB dives strait into the listener mail bag as they return from the Small Press Expo. Join them as they review your thoughts and comments. Stick around for comic book industry news, reflections on SPX, and an internationally flavored segment of “Must Reads.”

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Join the SEQALAB hosts for a comprehensive discussion on character design! We’ve pulled the best and the brightest from the department to help all the SEQAhomies create better, more recognizable characters. Stick around after the roundtable for our Big Minis!

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Attention students: The deadline for submissions to the 2009 sequential art department anthology is Oct. 31st.  bio  

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