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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 09 September 2009 by admin


• It was SEQAHomie Jarrett William’s birthday yesterday! Hope he treated himself out to some goood Wednesday comics this week.

• Warren Ellis writes about alumni Jay Pott’s webcomic World of Hurt. “Jay Potts is doing strong early work, and I see much potential.” [Bleeding Cool]

• SCAD-Atlanta Professor Shawn Crystal was interviewed about his work on Deadpool and his upcoming projects. [A Comic Book Blog]

• SEQAHomie Nat Landry was a participant in the “Style Wars” art show in Atlanta, GA. He’s got lots of pictures up at his blog. [Slim Daddy Fleetwood]

• Many SCAD students attended Dragon*Con in Atlanta this past weekend. So far we’ve rounded up a report from [Josh Greathouse].

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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 04 September 2009 by admin


School is starting at SCAD and SEQALab is playing catch-up with the rest of the world. Many great things happened this summer, and we collect some of the notable ones here in our debut post.

• In July, SEQA Grad Alum Eleanor Davis ’05, won the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer! Congratulations! [Comic-Con International]

• In an interview, SEQA Undergrad Jeremy Sorese ’10 speaks about switching majors from Illustration to Sequential Art and the wide variety of artists that make up his influences. [Ink Mountain]

• Ben Towle (Grad ’05) has an exhibit featuring his artwork from an upcoming Amelia Earhart graphic novel.[]

• SEQA alum Rebekah Isaacs ’06 is working on a new Wildstorm series with Brian Wood. They are revitalizing a 90s classic series, “DV8” [Comic Book Resources]

• The Decatur Book Festival is happening this weekend with panels and guests from SCAD-Savannah and SCAD-Atlanta. Notable faculty include Brian Ralph and Chris Schweizer, along with Eleanor Davis and SEQALab PJs Kevin Burkhalter and Jarrett Williams. Check out the listings for their panels at [The Temple of Cartoon Mojo].


Got a tip? Are you a student, faculty, or alumni of SCAD and have a story for us to cover? Or are you just a SEQA follower who knows a SCAD student in the SEQA department with something interesting going on?  Send us an email at

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PODCAST 100: Prof. Jeremy Wade Mullins Memorial Show

Posted on 03 September 2009 by admin

HEY WE’RE BACK!!! SEQAlab is dedicating their 100th show to the number one SEQAhomie Jeremy Wade Mullins. Sit back and listen as we pay tribute to a truly special human being. Email the show:

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Disney Buys Marvel!

Posted on 02 September 2009 by admin



That’s right boys and girls, the Mouse has bought the House of Ideas for $4 billion, and it has this SEQA PJ uber-excited! I can hear the groans of many you already, but before I delve into the possible negative side of things, let’s just take a moment to wallow in the positive outcomes of this merger.

1. Exposure

The biggest and almost guaranteed result, as pointed out by SEQA Junior Chris Mullins, is that Disney is “going to focus on bringing kids and tweens back to comics.” Imagine Disney pushing comics on their channel, exposing millions of kids to the “funnybook-making” business we love so much. Sure, they’ll be pimping Marvel properties, but think of the possible results of someone like Miley Cyrus telling kids to read comics, similar to those Nintendo DSi commercials that showed celebrities playing games. Comics may be carried and sold in places outside of dingy comic shops, like The Disney Store and theme parks, where families feel more comfortable.

On a fun note, SEQA alum and fellow PJ, Kara Leopard had this speculation “Does this mean we’re going to get more 2D animated superhero films?” Kara, I sure hope so. Or better yet, imagine Pixar writers/artists working on Marvel comics. Come on, I’d love to read a “Brad Bird Anything” from Marvel. The possibilities are endless, especially in regards to the one thing that matters a lot to anyone in our department….

2. Employment

This could mean a more diverse talent pool and recruitment opportunities for Marvel/Disney comics. Maybe, just maybe, the House of Ideas can start looking at artists with different styles other than what they currently have. Their eventual new fan base is going to be looking for more “toon-style” related art, and they will have to hire artists from all fields to appease them at the same time keeping their current fans happy. Disney has solid freelance and long term contracts, and I hope this flows into how Marvel does business with their artists. Maybe professionals will get paid and treated better for what they do. Maybe, fingers crossed.

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