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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 31 October 2009 by admin

It’s Halloween Weekend! Happy Spooky Nights folks! Here’s your fix of news for the weekend, and we’ll be back with some more next week!

Comics Art Forum | Our guest Paolo Rivera blogged about his time at SCAD and sneaks some of his process work into it. [The Self-Absorbing Man]

Conventions | Angouleme, the largest comics festival in the world that takes place in France, is one of the big reasons why a SCAD student would want to sign up to study in SCAD-Lacoste. But much like the San Diego Comic-Con, Angouleme is facing some of its own financial issues, which raises the question “Could they Really Cancel Angouleme?”. Tom Spurgeon delves deep into this issue. [The Comics Reporter]

Lecture | Syd Mead is visiting SCAD!

Thursday, November 5th, 2009 @ 2:30pm – Trustees Theater
Please join us as Syd Mead presents his lecture, IMAGE:REALITY. “The image, throughout history has represented reality across a wide range of style, representation and iconic suggestion. I am, essentially, an image
maker. Yes, I’ve actually designed stuff, but the image always precedes the‘REALITY’ of the artifact or end use.” – Syd Mead
Panelist: Syd Mead
Moderator: Scott Ross

Workshops | Current Grad Student Emily Sampson taught a workshop over the weekend on Character Design. She’s posted up a video of her presentation on her blog. [The Adventures of Chester K Fingkelbottom]

Reviews | SEQAHomie Rashad Doucet’s redesign of Wolverine was featured and reviewed by Dean Trippe & friends. [Project Rooftop]

Shoutout | Editor of Viz Eric Searleman photographed himself wearing SCAD Alum Kara Leopard’s T-shirt! [SIGIKKI]

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Comics Art Forum 2009 Panel Discussion: Podcast 108

Posted on 28 October 2009 by admin


This week’s podcast has been replaced with the 2009 Comics Art Forum panel discussion. Each year at Comics Art Forum we ask our guests questions about their personal work, the industry, and working within the sequential world.
This year we were thankful to have Mark Schultz returning for the 15th year out of 16 years at CAF. Mark Schultz is an amazing artist and a wonderful friend to the Sequential Art Department for being such a long standing CAF attendee.  Derek Kirk Kim, Ben Caldwell,  Brandon Graham, and Robert Atkins were there, and Sanford Green gave a special appearance. Colleen Coover and Paola Rivera were not able to attend the panel discussion, but were definitely there in spirit, and they did some wonderful workshops the next day.
The 2009 Comics Art Forum panel discussion was full of industry insights as well as the artist work schedules. There are stories of luck and stories of heartbreak, and over it all are the artists inspiring all the sequential students to go out there and be a mighty force!

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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 26 October 2009 by admin

This weekend was amazing, due to the magnificent guests we had at Comics Art Forum XVI. Thanks to all the professionals who came out, and special thanks to the staff and faculty of the department who put this all together. The overall reaction from students is that this was one of the best CAFs of recent years, and probably one of the most highly attended events. Thanks again!

Craft | What was the process of SCAD alum Patric Reynold’s Abe Sapien one-shot like? Go through the process online and see every stage. BTW, it comes out this week! [Dark Horse]

Podcast | Are you going to be an upcoming guest on SEQALab’s podcast? Brad Guigar of Webcomics Weekly wrote about guest etiquette for speaking engagements. [Webcomics Weekly]

Submissions | A few SCAD-ATL students are putting together an anthology, and have a call for submissions! [The Temple of Cartoon Mojo]

Submissions | That reminds us! The SEQA Department Sampler submission is due this Friday!

Career | SCAD Career Services gave kudos to SEQA students, after the jump:

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PoDCAST 107: Getting that Portfolio Ready!

Posted on 22 October 2009 by admin

On this weeks episode, the Seqa Pjs tackle the those taxing portfolio questions! Such as: what pieces of art to put in and leave out of your portfolio, how many artworks should be contained in a portfolio, and what not to do when someone is looking at your portfolio.  But, if that doesn’t quell your comic appetite, listen in for awesome upcoming cons and some finger-lickn news.

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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 20 October 2009 by admin

It’s a short one today! We at SEQALab and SCAD are gearing up for Comics Art Forum XVI this weekend. Check out all our posts including schedule, guests bios, and the official poster. We’ll be covering the events as journalists (and attending them as students). Have a great week!

Interview | SCAD-ATL Professor Shawn Crystal contributed art to Deadpool #900 which should be on comic reatiler shelves this week! Catch an interview with him! [A Comic Blog]

Interview | A Preview of Patric Reynolds Abe Sapien story is featured in conjunction with an interview with writer John Arcudi. On Patric’s art, Arcudi had this to say: [Broken Frontier]

JA: Patric is great. Very expressive art where all the characters have real, human (and non-human) faces. They “act” well, and that’s the kind of this story this is, so it’s great to have Patric aboard.

TwitPic | Just in case you don’t follow our Twitter Feed, we linked to a Munny Design done by SEQAHomie Josh Routt! It’s a tribute to old man Sweetwater, founder of our podcast and website. We miss you, Mullins!

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APE-con Report – Day 1.5 and 2

Posted on 20 October 2009 by admin


My favorite con of the year is APE. For most people at SCAD, Maryland’s Small Press Expo is the choice. But the two aren’t that different at all. For those more familiar with SPX, APE has a lot of the same enthusiasm for comics, but being on the west coast brought something else into the mix.

APE usually occurs in April and is advertised as being in APE-ril. The move happened because the SDCC committee was experiencing con fatigue. They run WonderCon in February/March, and SDCC at the end of July, and April was just too close in between. APE made more sense to be moved to the Fall. It’s held a little earlier this time around. APE 2008 was held on November 1st and 2nd, but the decision to move it up a few weeks allowed them to avoid the rain that comes with the season.

The San Francisco Concourse is an amazing building and fits the mood of independent comics. Everyone is buzzing about the weather and the great turnout. Tables have been added in sections that used to be empty and with the rate of expansion the venue may have to be changed in two or three years.

There isn’t really buzz book of APE, so far. There isn’t a singular item that people are flocking to. Last year

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Going APE, Day 1 reactions

Posted on 17 October 2009 by admin


It’s a magnificent day to be in the city. I flew in Thursday and just missed the Monday and Tuesday storms that attacked the entire East Bay. The sun came out, a cool breeze swept in, and I was able to take full advantage of the most comfortable weather that I’ve been missing. APE had no idea how ready I was for it.

It’s the first night and I’m completely worn out.

First of all, this was the first time I’ve ever seen a line forming after the doors had already been open for an hour. I had to stand in line to purchase a badge when the norm was walking up to an empty vendor and picking up one. It wasn’t a long line, but there is no doubt that I stood in one.

There is a huge passion for the arts, and it can be felt at every table. Energy is just pulsating, colors are jumping off from screen prints, and books are not pushed upon passing people like a car salesmen. Instead, handmade zines, stuffed toys, silkscreened tees, and DIY comics invite any wandering eye that is in search for something new and refreshing. The east coast got their taste of welcoming in new and exciting minis with SPX, and now the west is getting that same experience.

There hasn’t been any major complaints at all towards the show. Sales seem to be up and interest is at large! People are seemingly taking more risks on zines and self-published comics they’ve never seen before. Hardcover graphic novels are a big item, as well as small hand-bound books. Prints are everywhere, as well as tees, but overall I think comics are still the best sellers of the convention.

We’ll be back for a full con report this coming week! If you are attending APE, or have any thoughts on the subject please let us know in our comments section! We’ll see how Sunday shapes up and how the attendance numbers may drop, but I’m predicting that thehigh  level of enthusiasm will remain the same.

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CAF XVI: Workshop Descriptions

Posted on 16 October 2009 by admin

Today is the last day to sign-up for workshops and portfolio reviews. Sign-up through your professor at Norris Hall and turn in your sheets to Trasha’s office in room 1A. Some will be teaching the same workshop on both Saturday and Sunday. It should be noted that those with two workshops will be taught once throughout the weekend and not twice as usual. Workshop 1 will occur on Saturday, and Workshop 2 will occur on Sunday. Below are descriptions of the workshops our guests will be leading. Continue Reading

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Posted on 14 October 2009 by admin

On this week’s episode Seqalab, rejoined by Jarrett, Allie, and Kevin, talks about things to consider after you have self-published your AWESOME story. Also Seqa-PJ Kevin tries to make up for lost time by giving a history “lesson” on the manga publisher Kodansha. Email the show:

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CAF XVI: Guest Biographies

Posted on 13 October 2009 by admin

We’ve finally gotten our guest list secured! Below are brief biographies of our visiting industry professionals as well as some samples of their work. They will be leading workshops and available for portfolio review, but SPACE IS LIMITED. Sign-up sheets are available through your professor in Norris Hall, or at Trisha’s office in room 1A.

Jump to:
(“Jump to” links temporarily do not work)
Brandon Graham
Paolo Rivera
Derek Kirk Kim
Ben Caldwell
Colleen Coover
Robert Atkins
Frank Cammuso
Mark Schultz
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