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Podcast 113: End of the term!

Posted on 25 November 2009 by admin

This week episode is filled with juicy bits that issue forth from the mouths of battle weary PJ’s. The quarter is over and we have survived, weary, worn, and battered, but still full of enough energy to talk about our end of the term experiences, both good and bad.

Rashad, our resident newsman, brings to us some interesting techie info about Viz media and IDW. He drops a bomb about Zack Whedon, brother of Joss Whedon, and relates to us the happenings of two nosy librarians with too much morals on their hands.

Professor Larison and the crew relate their stories from the end of the term before diving into the Big Topic of the week.

Our must reads this week:

Invincible # 68 :  brought to you by Rashad Doucet

Lupin the 3rd : brought to you by Brett Mullins

Rashad plays stump the PJ’s with his guess the character. This week’s character was tough and obscure. Check out his lovely costume here.

Our big topic discussion this week is about writing scripts and stories for comics.
If you are new to writing for comics but really want to give it a try, then the must read for you is right here! Trust me, this book will get you on the path to creative writing and storytelling.

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PODCAST 112: Surviving the Break

Posted on 18 November 2009 by admin

Join the usual Seqa Crew as we give tips about the do’s and don’ts of Christmas break. In other words “DON’T BE LAZY!” ^_^ Email the show:

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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 17 November 2009 by admin

So we are in the middle of finals week. Some people are done, some people are close to finishing, but we want to say that this has been a great quarter! Plenty has happened with the SEQA Department this quarter, and SEQALAb has had a very successful transitional period. We thank everyone who has continued to downlaod our podcast every week, or checking in here and there on the website for news and announcements! Enjoy a fruitful winter break (we will still be recording episodes and updating the site regularly), and we can’t wait for 2010 terms to get underway!

Comics Art Forum | Tim O’Shea visited SCAD-Atlanta during Comics Art Forum! He has an in-depth report on the event, plus photographs! [Robot 6]

Alumni | Alum Jose Pimienta did some storyboard work for a potential Superbowl commercial. [Crash the Superbowl]

Alumni | Alum and former SEQALab podcaster Nat Landry is putting on his first solo show! Event details are on facebook, but are reproduced below:

Baton Rouge, LA
November 20 – December 20

[via Facebook]

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PODCAST 111: SEQALab’s Positive Punch Super Show!

Posted on 10 November 2009 by admin

On this weeks show, the Seqa Crew discuss the sunnier side of the comic industry. Along with the News, Must Reads, and a pretty full Mail Bag, get ready for a meaty SEQALab Super Show experience. Oh, and its a super show because it’s so freakin’ long. Guest appearances by Lady Gaga and the Glee Choir!


Spike of Templar Arizona fame:

Support Spike’s Kickstarter project here: Poorcraft: A Comic Book Guide to Frugal Urban and Suburban Living:

 Email the show:

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Lyle Show Aftermath!

Posted on 09 November 2009 by admin


Last Friday was the opening of Professor Tom Lyle’s solo show in Brunswick, GA.  There were plenty of SCAD students in attendance as well as friends, family, and many visitors from around the Brunswick area who were interested in seeing an art show of black and white comic artwork. Displayed were over 50 original pages from Spider-man, Robin, X-men and Tom’s recent work on Vigilante.

The show runs from November 6 – Dec 2.

More pictures, after the jump!

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Meanwhile… |

Posted on 06 November 2009 by admin

Comics Art Forum | Brandon Graham finally gives his two cents on his visit to SCAD and Savannah in general. And then he does what he does and shows us a bunch of pretty pictures. [Royal Boiler]

Events | SCAD-ATL Professor Shawn Crystal is doing some signings today and tomorrow:

“Indianapolis newest comic book store The Hero House is proud to announce Shawn Crystal (artist on Marvel Comics’ Deadpool series) will make a rare Midwest appearance to sign autographs, and meet with fans on November 6th and 7th.

He will be appearing as part of The Hero House grand opening celebration which will include a storewide sale on all back issues and Graphic novels. The Hero House specializes in Comic Books, Movies, Anime and related merchandise and is located in historic fountain square.” [via Blog@Newsarama]

Education | Teaching a house style at art schools? This article presents a lot of issues with teaching a house style and that students’ original styles should come after school is over. Would you agree? [Comics Comics]

Education | Darwyn Cooke taught a storytelling workshop [Comic Book Galaxy]

Conventions | Also thought I should let you know, 4-Day passes to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 are sold out. [PW Beat]

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Posted on 04 November 2009 by admin

On this weeks show, Jarrett and Kevin talk about their ten day adventure on the west coast. Highlights include The Alternative Press Expo (APE) and a few days with good friends in Portland, Oregon. Then he have a discussion on the new breakthrough Darkhorse artist, Patric Reynolds. WEST COAST/BEST COAST SHOUT OUTS: 

Erin Milligan:

 Matt Voss:

 Gabriel Reyes:

 Perry Bible Fellowship:

 Cartoon art Museum:

 Eric Searleman:

 Ron Chan:

 Periscope Studio:

 Email the show:

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SCAD-Atlanta to get a visit from Japanese creators

Posted on 04 November 2009 by admin

The Japan Foundation in Japan and Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta are going to host a Japanese Manga Creator Lecture and Workshop on Friday, November 13  at SCAD-Atlanta. There will be two creators/artists teaching workshops that will run at 4:30 pm, with a lecture following at 7pm. There will be a sign-up sheet for this event soon.

Visit their Home Page and check out their sample manga.

Visit our friends in SCAD-Atlanta’s website, The Temple of Cartoon Mojo! They have plenty of departmental news, spotlights on current students, and sketch challenges periodically.

For more information please email Professor John Larison at

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Meanwhile… |

Posted on 04 November 2009 by admin

This week in Savannah, you could be seeing indie flicks at the Savannah Film Festival. You can also be attending lectures at Geekend Conference. Or you can visit the college campus on a SCAD Day. We’ve got a few news bits today, as well as a few SEQA events happening in today’s “Meanwhile”:

Events | Tom Lyle’s Solo Show is this Friday! You should also check out the podcast episode where we sit down and chat with him about mainstream comics. Plus, SAS is at Barnes and Nobles!

Events | TODAY! A gathering of students of different majors, and SEQA students are invited. This, via Whitney Leopard of the Sequential Art Society:

Wednesday, November 4th
SCAD Student Center
8:00 pm



Comics Art Forum | Paulo Rivera’s mother ALSO visited SCAD during Comics Art Forum. Paulo has linked from HIS blog to photos on HER blog, which we are relinking HERE on OUR blog. [Color Informal] via [The Self-Absorbing Man]

Scholarships | Grad students may want to look into the Swan Fellowship, though it only offers a grant to students seeking an M.A. or Ph.D. Most graduate students at SCAD are working towards M.F.As, but it’s still worth looking over because awards are up to $15,000. [The Library of Congress]

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Podcast 109: Special Edition!

Posted on 02 November 2009 by admin

This episode was a bit long in the making but here it is! On Friday October 23rd, the legendary Chris Claremont sat down with us for a phone interview. He was kind enough to agree to give us some of his time on a busy Friday afternoon.

It was a small gathering of PJ’s that met together for this interview. The Comics’ Art Forum was going on and everyone was scrambling from workshop to workshop. We however, Rashad Doucet, Donny Cates, and I, the Gelastic John Larison,  asked Mr. Claremont some pointed questions about his time working on the X-Men, his thoughts on writing scripts for artist, and what his plans are for the future.We got him to divulge some of his secrets and thoughts about the industry and share some great anecdotes about his time working for Marvel comics.

Mr. Claremont has a number of new books coming out soon.  Most notably he has been writing X-Men forever, starting up where he left off. He also let us in on the news that next year in April he has some New Mutants books coming out.

This is definitely a long one folks but worth every minute.

I would like to thank Mr. Claremont for taking the time to let us interview him.

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