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Podcast 119

Posted on 29 January 2010 by admin

Those wacky SEQAhomies discuss their choice of workspaces! And how they like to get down to business. Comics business.

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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 27 January 2010 by admin

Midterms are approaching (already??). SEQALab has a YouTube page with some great tutorials by alum Ricky Bryant. Also, podcaster Donny Cates will be reviewing books that YOU choose. all you have to do is become a fan of us on Facebook and write us which books you’d like him to read and review on our wall. On with the news!

The iPad was announced today. The comics blogs have been going crazy, as well as the tech, design, etc. communities. Will this really be the explosive game-changer in the comics industry?

Books | You can preorder current undergrad Brooke Allen‘s graphic novel, A Home for Mr. Easter, which is coming in June. [NBM Publishing]

Education | Peter Gutierrez includes alum Eleanor DavisSecret Science Alliance in his list of recommended comic books for the classroom. [School Library Journal]

Interview | Alum S.L. Gallant majored in Illustration at the Atlanta College of Art before it was purchased by the Savannah College of Art and Design. He illustrates comics, and talks about how pursuing a job in the industry got him to where he is today.

I just got comfortable drawing for a living, and then I stopped pursuing my dream for a long time. Brian Stelfreeze once told me the only I wouldn’t get work in comics was if I stopped trying to. He was right about that, and a lot of other things.

[Washington City Paper]

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Podcast 118

Posted on 27 January 2010 by admin

This week on SEQALAB we get a visit from an old friend. Listen as we discuss the finer topics of webcomics and what it takes to make it on the scene.

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Podcast 117: Getting real about comics

Posted on 22 January 2010 by admin

The new class talks about life as a Sequential Artist as well as the usual comic headlines and must reads.

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Meanwhile… |

Posted on 22 January 2010 by admin

SEQA has been bursting with creative energy this quarter! First of all, if you are not following Professor Tom Lyle’s Blog, you should be, because he is chronicling the quarter of his time at SCAD-Lacoste. Also, if you are in the area, Norris Hall has been putting up tons of artwork on every wall and every floor, at the demands of former full-time SEQA professor and current Dean of Communications John Lowe. Let him know you appreciate his desire to see original comics from your favorite SEQAHomies!

We at have also been listed in the 100 Great Blogs for Art Students & Enthusiasts! We are listed #1 in the category of “Art Students” and #32 overall! Thanks for continuing to read our blog and listening to the greatest podcast dedicated to SEQA ever!

Interviews | Stan Sakai was interviewed by SCAD-ATL Professor Chris Schweizer. [The Comics Journal]

Conventions | Chris Schweizer is also a guest at this year’s STAPLE! [Staple-Austin]

Interviews | SCAD Alum Andre Frattinowas interviewed about his new graphic novel and setting it in one of his favorite cities as a kid, St. Augustine. [Flagler College Gargoyle]

Publishing | Congratulations to Kel MacDonald for reaching her goal to publish her own books! [Kickstarter]

Funding | SEQALab regular DJ Kirkland has his own Kickstarter fund running, so head on over and add to the donation! [Kickstarter]

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Podcast 116

Posted on 20 January 2010 by admin

A visit to Allie’s house and a discussion on all the ch-ch-ch-changes on the web.

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Podcast 115: Introducing SeqaLab New Class!

Posted on 15 January 2010 by admin

Join the NEW CLASS of Seqa PJ’S as they discuss a wide spectrum of sequential awesomeness! Find out what all your new PJ’S did over the looooong winter break.BONUS: DINOSAURS!Got Questions? We got answers!E-mail the show:

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Podcast 114: Catching Up! Bringin’ in 2010

Posted on 14 January 2010 by admin

Better late than never, right?! SeqaLab is BACK in full effect for the new year! This week, we’re playing catch up with our lovable PJ’s and finding out what they did over their holiday break. Now that all our PJ’s are refreshed and ready for the new year, they’re ready to bring the Seqa-goodness you’ve known and loved for so long!

Kara and D.J. KICK OFF their Kickstarter projects and Rashad’s children’s book is now available!Big props!

D.J. announces SeqaLab’s very own YouTube channel AND LiveStream channel. Be on the look out for updates on when you can check your favorite PJ’s working on new art LIVE very soon!

You got questions? We got ANSWERS!
Email the show at:

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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 12 January 2010 by admin

It’s the first Meanwhile of the year! One of the biggest buzzes for comics in 2010 seems to be digital distribution. Not only have people been talking about comics shifting from print to online, e-readers and color tablets will be game-changers in the publishing industry. If SCAD’s industrial design program’s involvement with the development of a tablet is any indication of a bright future for the technology, then I say to all SEQAhomies to start saving up money now, because the tablet is going to be wonderful for comics.

Resources | has recently switched to a subscription model. Many SCAD students have been previous users of the website and its free content, but it looks like the resource is no more, unless $30 is paid. It’s sad to see it gone, as it was helpful to some of the students that were honestly interested in webcomics. $30 a year might actually be quite a bargain, ofcourse, but it was still nice to have something that costed nothing on top of our tuition. Meanwhile, we hope that the podcast remains free.

Funding | Alum Joey Weiser is self-publishing his second graphic novel, “Cavemen in Space”, and needs help in the form of dollars. Learn how you can also win prizes from your donation! [Tragic-Planet]

Interviews | Graduate Kel McDonald talks about collecting her webcomic in print. You should support her fund over at Kickstarter! [Sequential Tart]

Jobs | Alum Ploy Rojanavipat isa production artist for the new FX animated series “Archer”, which premieres this Thursday!

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SwarmCon this weekend.

Posted on 07 January 2010 by Duncan

Jan 14-15, SCAD welcomes student-run convention:


Film screenings, workshops, cosplay, gaming, etc.

The event is free, and much of it is open to the public.

For more info check out:

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