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Web-Comics Auction for the Gulf Coast: This Week!!!

Posted on 02 July 2010 by admin

Hey folks. Now that it is summer I am sure you are missing our melodious voices. We may get a few little quickies in now and again.

I wanted to let everyone know that some of the podcasters here are taking part in an art auction to raise money for the horrendous disaster that is now the BP Oil spill. This is something that everyone needs to do something about. Here at Seqalab some of us were able to get some work in by the deadline. I hope this is only one of many auctions by them to raise money for this disaster. The money is going to Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund.

You can read more about the auction, times, and how the money will be used here.

Please keep in mind that this auction starts Monday July 5th and runs through Friday July 9th. Each day there will be different artists and different art up for sale. Please buy something to help the cause! I am putting everyone on blast.

Thanks everyone.

Power to the Pod!!

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