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Podcast 153: Season Finale!

Posted on 17 November 2010 by admin

Oh noes, it’s the season finale of SEQALab! Today we’re making some crazy comic predictions for the new year, as well as talking about the future of SEQALab. Warning: it’s finals week and we are LOOPY AS ALL GET-OUT. Be prepared for ample amounts of silliness and giggles.

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Podcast 152: How we comic!

Posted on 10 November 2010 by admin

Oh hey! Today on SEQALab, we’re getting inside the heads of our very own SEQA PJ’s to find out how they got into comics. Get your popcorn ready – there’s sure to be some hilarious and/or embarassing stories ahead!

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Podcast 151: Trends in Comics

Posted on 03 November 2010 by admin

Today on SEQALab, we’re serving up a full course meal of comic industry trends, seasoned with Rachel’s Soapbox and accompanied by a glass of house must-reads. Be sure to tip your PJ’s (in the form of some feedback).

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