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Podcast 215: Grad Comics Discussion with Fei Xu

Podcast 215: Grad Comics Discussion with Fei Xu

Posted on 25 April 2014 by Paige Cambern

Hey guys!

Week 5’s coming to a close, we hope midterms went/are going well for you all! Keep pushin’! Today we’ve got one more grad talk, this time featuring SEQA grad Fei Xu, talking about her chosen two books: Area D by Nanatsuki Kyouichi, drawn by Yang Kyung-il, and The Grandchild of Nurarihyon written and illustrated by Hiroshi Shiibashi.

Area D:



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Watercolor Party!

Posted on 22 April 2014 by Paige Cambern


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Podcast 214: Grad Comics Discussion with Won Young Kim

Podcast 214: Grad Comics Discussion with Won Young Kim

Posted on 18 April 2014 by Paige Cambern

What UP SEQA bros?

4th week down of the quarter, hope you all had a blast at Editor’s Day and got some great feedback! To help you get yourselves prepared for midterms in the next week, we’ve got some more grad talks for you!

Tune in to Won Young Lim as she talks to you about Calling Doctor Laura by Nicole J. Georges and Swallow Me Whole by Nate Powell.


Calling Doctor Laura:

Swallow Me Whole:

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Podcast 213: Grad Comics Discussion with Dane Farrow-Cypel

Podcast 213: Grad Comics Discussion with Dane Farrow-Cypel

Posted on 11 April 2014 by Paige Cambern

Listen up SEQA Junkies! The third week of the quarter is coming to a close and we’re heading right into Editor’s Day 2014 here at Norris Hall! Good luck with all your editor meet-ups, we hope they go well for you!

To ease your nerves before heading into this weekend, we’ve got SEQA grad Dane Farrow-Cypel here to talk to you about two books, Cowboy Ninja Viking, which, as you’ll hear, is nowhere near as awesome as it sounds, created by writer A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo, and Peter Panzerfaust by Kurtis J Wiebe.

Concepts are all well and good, but if your art sucks and your story is worse? Well, you’ll see.

Cowboy Ninja Viking:

Peter Panzerfaust:

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Posted on 09 April 2014 by Paige Cambern

Hey everyone, here is the final list for Editor’s Day 2014.

There is also a physical copy of this list posted in Norris Hall on the first floor if you need to check again once you arrive.

Editor’s Day 2014 Assignments

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Editor’s Day 2014

Posted on 08 April 2014 by Paige Cambern



Editors’ Day 2014

The SCAD sequential art department will host leading comic book publishers and editors at its annual Editors’ Day Friday, April 11, and Saturday, April 12, 2014 at SCAD Savannah. Editors’ Day is a two-day event where editors and publishers will review SCAD sequential art students’ portfolio in Norris Hall with panel discussion.

Visiting editors and publishers include: Traci Todd, Senior Editor for Children’s Publishing, Viz Media; Eric Harburn, Editor, Boom! Studios and Archaia Entertainment; Chris Staros, Publisher, Top Shelf Productions; James Lucas Jones, Editor in Chief, Oni Press; and Chris Warner, Senior Editor, Dark Horse.

Editors’ Day is open to all students at any SCAD locations. SCAD Editors’ Day has been a proud part of the history of the sequential art department for many years. The event represents one of the few major academic acknowledgements of comic art and sequential art storytelling in the nation. The Editors’ Day permits guests to discuss sequential art concerns from many differing points of view and provides students with an opportunity to network and learn from a variety of top industry professionals.



Editor’s Day Panel Discussion

Friday 5:30 pm @ the SCAD Museum of Art Theater


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Podcast 212: Grad Comics Discussion with Angael Davis

Podcast 212: Grad Comics Discussion with Angael Davis

Posted on 03 April 2014 by Paige Cambern

Hey SEQA junkies!

We hope your second week of clases has been awesome, if it hasn’t been, listen to our epic podcasts and you’ll feel better. Serenading you with comic knowledge today is SEQA grad Angael Davis, and she’ll be talking about Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff and Prince of Persia byJordan Mechner, A.B. Sina, LeyUyen Pham, and Alex Puvilland.


Delilah Dirk:

Prince of Persia:

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