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Editors’ Day Assignments and Guidelines [UPDATED_May 07]

Posted on 04 May 2015 by Paige Cambern

Rules and Guidelines for Editors’ Day


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1. Timeliness: Read through the assignments and check to make certain you understand when your assignments are taking place. You should arrive at least 15 minutes early for all your reviews. If you are late you will NOT be allowed a review, no exceptions.  Timeliness to any editorial review is important. Any lateness will result in you losing your review for that editor.

2. There is a Graduate student who is helping each editor. If you have any questions, please ask them.  If they cannot assist you they will relay your issue to any of the professors who are around helping.

3. Clothing: Please dress nicely for your reviews. While you do not have to dress up like you are going to a wedding, you should dress casual professional to professional.  Please take the time to look presentable. It goes a long way to being professional.

4. Phones: Your phone MUST be on silent. If your phone goes off for any reason, you will be directed out of the review by the graduate student and your review will be over. Whether you are in a group review or an individual review you MUST keep your phone on silent. This includes any alarms or anything else. No texting or any other phone use is allowed during the reviews.

5. Noise: For those of you who have been to Editors’ Day, you know that the hallways can get crowded and a little bit noisy. We are in Hayman’s Hall this year and sound travels more in this building. Please keep your conversations down or take it outside or into any of the other classrooms that are not being used by other Professors or Editors. If you are asked to keep it down, please be considerate of everyone else who is currently getting reviewed.

6. Portfolio: Keep your portfolio down to 8-10 pieces. Your portfolio can be any size you feel necessary. It is suggested that you have a hardcopy portfolio. If you want to have a digital portfolio, you should also have a traditional hardcopy portfolio as well. Digital portfolios may not be viewed on a phone. Bring a digital reader if you want the editor to view it digitally.

7. Reviews: When you are getting reviewed you should remember to stay quiet when the Editor is talking. Do not talk over the editor. Take notes and thank them for their time. Do not try to explain your work. If they ask a question, answer it, but be succinct.

During group reviews, when other people are being reviewed you must stay quiet and listen to your editor. It is the other person’s time to be reviewed. Pay attention to what the editor is saying, but don’t talk. Take notes if you want.
Thank them for their time.



Editors’ Day Assignments

Click below to download the schedule and assignments for Editors’ Day 2015. Please review the above rules and guidelines before downloading the assignments list. Any questions or concerns may be directed to 

Editors’ Day 2015 Assignments [UPDATED_04]

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