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Friday Graduate Workshops: March 4

Posted on 02 March 2016 by John Larison





Sequential Art Graduate Workshops

Friday, March 4, Haymans’ Hall: 2:00 – 4:00pm


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Storyboard Pro The Power of Digital Storyboarding: Haymans Hall, Room 213, 2-3pm
SEQA Grad, Sonnet Sakievich

Are you interested in storyboarding?

Want to learn about Storyboard Pro, the software used by many industry professionals?  Come join SEQA Grad student Sonnet Sakievich for a workshop covering the following Storyboard Pro features:

•        Creating storyboards in Storyboard Pro
•        Importing storyboards from another program
•        Exporting boards with action notes
•        Setting up an animatic
•        Adjusting timing and adding sounds to your animatic
•        Exporting your animatic as a movie



Making and Incorporating Gifs in Comics: Haymans Hall, Room 213, 3-4pm
SEQA Grad, Zach Wilcox

Come join SEQA Grad student Zach Wilcox on Friday, March 4, in Room 213 at 3:00 in Hayman’s Hall. Want to learn how to bring your comics to life? The GIF is the answer! Learn how to make GIFs using Photoshop or Aftereffects or both with the expert tutelage of grad student Zach Wilcox. We’ll go through the process of creating and animating a simple GIF comic that will begin the foundation of your successful foray into the world of animated comics. Learn how to render things and what that even means. It makes boring old paper comics look like the trash they are.

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