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Visiting Artist: Kevin Cannon

Posted on 24 February 2014 by Paige Cambern

   Cartoonist Kevin Cannon


will be visiting SCAD on February 27th to give a presentation at the ClarenceThomas Center, Chapel at 02:30 pm.

If you aren’t familiar with Kevin’s work, you can check out his website here, where he showcases a variety of his work, from illustrations to mini-comics and film.

Kevin will also be present at the SCAD Mini-Comics Expo on March 1st.



Kevin Canon Flyer_No Beer



Cannon will present his experience as a freelance cartoonist, a path that every graduate may dip into at some point in their careers. Cannon has worked on varied art projects for diverse clients, and will boil down his experiences into some takeaway lessons. Cannon will challenge some current ideas about working for free and how to value one’s own art & time–something freelancers must deal with on every single project.


doublebarrelno5_lg kevincannon_cartography_devonisland kevincannon_illustration_villagevoice

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  1. Carolyn Dimmick says:

    What is Kevin coming to give a presentation on please?

  2. Paige Cambern says:

    I’m about to post a flyer with this information :)

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