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SEQA Graduate Workshops Friday 10/28

Posted on 25 October 2016 by John Larison


SEQA Graduate Workshops Friday 10/28

Tips And Tricks For Unique Character Designs
Friday, Octtober 28
Haymans Hall 214, 1pm

There is more to character design than the concept alone, it can be frustrating to have a character that doesn’t look unique, so Patricia Leang made a list of stuff to think about while designing characters. We will cover several important factors and tips for creating a unique character design; this workshop also includes a fun design challenge! Please bring your drawing materials! Loose paper and pencils will be more than enough!

SEQA Fight Club
Friday, October 28
Haymans Hall 214, 2pm
Action speaks louder than words. When a fight scene is involved, it’s a hella loud way to tell people about your character. Join SEQA grad student, Jordan Scribner (8 years stage combat, 2 years kickboxing, and 1 year European martial arts experience) to figure out how to jack up combat in your comics.  Learn how to research fighting styles, manipulate contact and pacing, and apply historic martial arts techniques to deepen your characters through action rather than exposition. Don’t forget to bring your own fight scenes for review and don’t be afraid to participate in some physical demonstrations!

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Mini Comics Expo 2016

Posted on 28 September 2016 by John Larison


The SCAD Sequential Art Department hosts their annual Mini-Comics Expo at Haymans Hall, 23 Charlton Street, Savannah, on Saturday, November 5, from 11am – 4pm.

Over 80 vendors  — students, alumni, and faculty of SCAD’s acclaimed sequential art department — will be on site to exhibit and sell their self-published mini-comics, zines and sketches.  This event celebrates hand-made comic books and DIY publishing.

Guest artist, comics editor, and SCAD Alumna Robyn Chapman will be exhibiting at the Expo, giving a workshop, and signing books. Chapman is an editor, a publisher, and a cartoonist. She is the proprietor of Paper Rocket Minicomics and The Tiny Report, and she has had many different jobs in comics. She spent five years at The Center for Cartoon Studies, initially as their first fellow and later as their program coordinator and a faculty member. She is the author of Drawing Comics Lab from Quarry Books. Currently she is an associate editor at First Second Books. Learn more about her work at

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Update: Editors’ Day Assignments 2016

Posted on 11 May 2016 by John Larison

Please make certain to read the Rules and Regulations for Editors’ Day about all the specifics you should know about for this event, which is in the previous posting.

Hey folks. The assignments are up for all the editors.

If you have any accidental overlaps please let me know.

The empty slots are to stay empty until the day of, and then it is up to the editors and the grad handlers on whether those slots will be filled or stay open.

Do not email myself or any of the faculty about the empty slots. Only email myself or Trisha (Our emails are in the sign up form/sheet, in the previous, precious posting) to let us know if there are any accidental overlaps or if you have to cancel for whatever reason.

Thank you and good luck!

Make certain to print this out so you know what room you need to be in and when!


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Grad Workshops This Friday

Posted on 24 February 2016 by John Larison



Dynamic Figure Drawing Workshop with SEQA Grad, Mark Whitaker.

Come join SEQA Grad student Mark Whitaker, on Friday Feb. 26 in room 305 at 2 pm in Hayman’s hall. He will conduct a demo on how to successfully approach figure drawing for comics and illustration using a live model as reference. Remember to bring drawing supplies! See you there






Come join SEQA Grad student Sydney Anderson, on Friday Feb. 26, in room 111 at 3:30 pm.  Sydney will teach everyone how to set up a mini-comic in Adobe InDesign for print. This workshop will cover document setup, page layout, converting to a pdf and trouble shooting.


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Sequential Art Graduate Workshops

Posted on 10 February 2016 by John Larison


Adobe Illustrator Workshop


Friday, Feb. 12th

Hayman’s Hall, Room 110



Do you hate or find it difficult to work with Adobe illustrator or vector based stuff? Let’s change that perspective and learn to create cute icon, logo, or everything vector based in a fun way. Learn some tips and tricks and starts your journey with vectors.


Join SEQA graduate student Seta as he presents some ways for you to feel more comfortable and confident with Adobe Illustrator.



Workshop poster-Halik_Winter2016_Larrison
Inking Workshop

Friday, Feb. 12th
Hayman’s Hall, Room 110

Join SEQA graduate student Sarah Halik as she presents some basic methods of inking using both nib and brush. Learn to create value and textures through participating in short demonstrations.

The basics of choosing the right tools for inking and how to care for your supplies will also be covered. (Take this opportunity to sample various types of inks and papers before having to buy them in the store!) Brushes, nibs/nib holders, papers and inks to share are limited. So, feel free to bring supplies you may already have on hand to work along with the demos.


Workshop covers:
2.Care of materials
3.Ways to Apply the Ink
2.Types of Strokes: Hatching, Contour Lines, Cross-hatching, Scribble Stroke, Stippling, and Feathering
3.Value Scale
4.Ink Wash
5.Combining Ink Strokes with Ink Washes
6.Creating Textures with Pen & Ink: Wood Grain, Wood Bark, Ripples, Feathers, Fish Scales, Dragon Scales, Long Fur, Short Fur, and Basket Weave

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Editors’ Day Assignments and Guidelines [UPDATED_May 07]

Posted on 04 May 2015 by Paige Cambern

Rules and Guidelines for Editors’ Day


Download link below


1. Timeliness: Read through the assignments and check to make certain you understand when your assignments are taking place. You should arrive at least 15 minutes early for all your reviews. If you are late you will NOT be allowed a review, no exceptions.  Timeliness to any editorial review is important. Any lateness will result in you losing your review for that editor.

2. There is a Graduate student who is helping each editor. If you have any questions, please ask them.  If they cannot assist you they will relay your issue to any of the professors who are around helping.

3. Clothing: Please dress nicely for your reviews. While you do not have to dress up like you are going to a wedding, you should dress casual professional to professional.  Please take the time to look presentable. It goes a long way to being professional.

4. Phones: Your phone MUST be on silent. If your phone goes off for any reason, you will be directed out of the review by the graduate student and your review will be over. Whether you are in a group review or an individual review you MUST keep your phone on silent. This includes any alarms or anything else. No texting or any other phone use is allowed during the reviews.

5. Noise: For those of you who have been to Editors’ Day, you know that the hallways can get crowded and a little bit noisy. We are in Hayman’s Hall this year and sound travels more in this building. Please keep your conversations down or take it outside or into any of the other classrooms that are not being used by other Professors or Editors. If you are asked to keep it down, please be considerate of everyone else who is currently getting reviewed.

6. Portfolio: Keep your portfolio down to 8-10 pieces. Your portfolio can be any size you feel necessary. It is suggested that you have a hardcopy portfolio. If you want to have a digital portfolio, you should also have a traditional hardcopy portfolio as well. Digital portfolios may not be viewed on a phone. Bring a digital reader if you want the editor to view it digitally.

7. Reviews: When you are getting reviewed you should remember to stay quiet when the Editor is talking. Do not talk over the editor. Take notes and thank them for their time. Do not try to explain your work. If they ask a question, answer it, but be succinct.

During group reviews, when other people are being reviewed you must stay quiet and listen to your editor. It is the other person’s time to be reviewed. Pay attention to what the editor is saying, but don’t talk. Take notes if you want.
Thank them for their time.



Editors’ Day Assignments

Click below to download the schedule and assignments for Editors’ Day 2015. Please review the above rules and guidelines before downloading the assignments list. Any questions or concerns may be directed to 

Editors’ Day 2015 Assignments [UPDATED_04]

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Editors’ Day Application & Important Dates!

Posted on 22 April 2015 by Paige Cambern

Editors’ Day 2015




The SCAD Sequential art department will host leading comic book publishers and editors at its annual Editors’ Day Thursday May 7th through Saturday, May 9th, 2015 at SCAD Savannah. Editors’ Day is a three-day event where editors and publishers will review SCAD sequential art students’ portfolio in Hayman’s Hall with panel discussion.

The annual Editors’ Day panel discussion will take place, Thursday May 7th at the SCAD Museum Theater, from 5:00 – 6:30PM. Arrive early to guarantee a seat as seating is limited to 250 people and no standing is allowed.

Visiting editors and publishers include: Joel Enos, Senior Editor, Perfect Square, Viz Media; Dafna Pleban, Editor, Boom! Studios/ Archaia Entertainment; Chris Staros, Editor-In-Chief, Top Shelf Productions; Robin Herrera, Editor, Oni Press; David Saylor, Vice President, Creative Director, Scholastic.

Editors’ Day is open to all students at any of the SCAD locations, (including eLearning), and alumni. Students must apply for portfolio reviews, which will be assigned on a portfolio, seniority basis. Applications are available in an interactive PDF on, and all students and alumni must submit samples from their portfolio.

Alumni, SCAD Atlanta and eLearning students can email applications with portfolio samples to All Savannah students MUST present their applications as a hard copy to Hayman’s Hall, Room 314. There will be a box for all applications to be dropped.

Although alumni and graduating students have priority, all student levels from all departments are welcome, and every effort will be made to assign students to an editor or publisher, based on availability.


SCAD Editors’ Day has been a proud part of the history of the sequential art department for many years. The event represents one of the few major academic acknowledgements of comic art and sequential art storytelling in the nation. The Editors’ Day permits guests to discuss sequential art concerns from many differing points of view and provides students with an opportunity to network and learn from a variety of top industry professionals.


Editors’ Day Application

  1. SAVE the blank document
  2. Open in Adobe Acrobat (interactive PDF),
  3. Type ALL information on the application*

*Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Editors’ Day Application [download]


Important Dates:


Thursday, April 30, 2015

5:00 p.m.


Student Applications & Portfolio samples DUE *

Hayman’s Hall, Room 314

*[Late submissions will be accepted until Monday, May 4th, 2015 but will be assigned to open spaces only]

Monday, May 4th, 2015

5:00 p.m.

Late Application Deadline

Hayman’s Hall, Room 314

[No late applications accepted after 5:00 pm]

Portfolio Review Assignments will be posted Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 on


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SwarmCon 2015 this Weekend!

Posted on 20 April 2015 by Paige Cambern



Be sure to save the date and come see us for 2 days of awesome art work, epic games, and great costumes! See our info tab for more details about us and our con!


April 25th- 26th, 2015

 Coastal Georgia Center, Savannah , Georgia

Saturday: 10am-10 pm | Sunday: 10 am- 5pm


Open to the public and kid friendly!

We are the GeekSwarm.

This con is made possible by the various nerdy groups and Savannah residents working together to create a ton of awesome content, all in one place. We are lovers of art, comics, video games, anime, cosplay, and more from all over the world.

At our Con you’ll find some of SCAD’s professors and alumni sharing their tremendous knowledge and experience in their respective industries through educational panels and up close at their Artist tables. Come see some of our special guests talk about their experiences and how they do what they do, browse the Artist Alley, or grab a snack from our excessively adorable maid cafe.

Or perhaps you’re more the competitive type? Join our cosplay competition and put your costume-making skills to the test. We’ll also have some tabletop gaming and possibly board games!

This is a fun event that’s accessible to the whole family, and is very near and dear to our hearts. Our love has led us to take the non-profit organization path and donate any money we have left over each year to an art based charity. We will post more about this soon!

We hope to see all of you this spring!

Welcome to the swarm.


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2015 Swap Meet

Posted on 17 April 2015 by Paige Cambern


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Posted on 13 April 2015 by Paige Cambern














Hey Folks! Editors’ Day 2015 is coming up in May.

Save the Date!

This year’s Editors’ and Publishers are coming from Oni Press, Viz Media, Archaia Entertainment, Boom!Studios, Topshelf Productions, and Scholastic.


More information about who is coming and the application will be coming in the next week so stay tuned on SEQALab!


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