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D.J. Kirkland
From the mean suburban streets of Charlotte, NC comes forth the defender of comics, video games and over produced pop music, D.J. Kirkland, otherwise known as the Sparkling Shonen Ranger! Arriving in Savannah, GA back in fall of 2004, he’s saved this historic city from the forces that plague it’s busy streets while maintaining a normal college life. He’s been hard at work on his series Aerial Rave and some other comic concepts. Not only that but he’s also the adorable SEQALab PJ you can hear every week!D.J. is a graduate student in sequential art.
Allie Robke
Allison “Good Burger” Robke was born in either Washington or Colorado, needless to say she had a confusing childhood. Her love of comics stems from her years trapped in a Soviet prison, where her only bedding was made from the scraps of American newspaper comics. She would lie awake at night dreaming of the day when she might escape and become a doctor, a la Rex Morgan M.D., her hero and mentor. Allison was eventually traded by the Soviets in exchange for two-dozen machine guns. She was shipped directly to Savannah on a cargo freighter. She systematically scammed her way into the Sequential Art department of the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she is currently a graduate student.
Rachel Reed
Born from the hellish depths of the Southeast Fire Pit, Houston, Texas, Rachel Lee Reed is the youngest homie on the SEQA Crew. Don’t be fooled though – while she may look like a cute, innocent girl lost in the comic book shop, like Jubilee, she will blind you with her comic book knowledge. Recruited by Kevin Burkhalter and Allie Robke, Rachel became a new addition to SEQALab, using her powers for good, rather than evil, as the friendly neighborhood News Girl.Rachel is a freshmen in sequential art.
Donny Cates
Born in Dallas, Texas he quickly became one of the industry’s top talents. Known on SEQALab, as “The man without fear” he spread his love, and seemingly endless knowledge of the art form known as comic books to all that would listen. Always ready with a quick joke or a hand up to his fellow man, he was a favorite among his friends and allies in Norris Hall. Donny met a tragic end when he inadvertently wrote the entity known as the Phoenix force into being with a single well worded sentence. He will rise again. But will we be ready when he does?Donny is a junior in sequential art.
Amber Gant
Born just outside of St. Louis (right outside the rough parts), Amber Gant took haven in her local comic book shop, the only real entertainment hub. Like a flash she became girl wonder, spouting information that no one in town really understood. Upon hearing about SCAD and a whole group of geeky people, Amber took a pilgrimage to Georgia and BAM! POW! WOOSH! became a SEQA-homie in her senior year.
Will Iversen
Will’s just some cuss. He’s a silly sailor with a sad sack full of impossible. It really couldn’t be any clearer than that. Could it? All right, he’s an artist and a storyteller who makes magic with some of the greatest people on the planet. He’s been all over the country in the pursuit of art. Most importantly, Will is devoted to reducing everything that you expect about comics to rubble and leading you through the subsequent wasteland to places you never thought possible. Not bad for a Fruita boy. He don’t bite, go ahead and get friendly with him at
Sarah ‘Pickles’ Dill
Good ol’ Pickles hails from St. Louis/Springfield, Missouri and has a penchant for hair dye, preserved cucumbers and first person shooters. She’s currently a graduate student in sequential art, and between luge lessons and undercover tailoring, she finds time for her original comic Distillum and general drawing mayhem. She also is the regular editor of the SEQALab podcast, a role she came into due to her love of self-torment.
John Larison, moderator
John Larison was born from the fire in a mountain in Huntington Beach, CA. There really is no mountain there, just a few waves and some sand. None of this does he remember, since he was dragged around the country as a Navy child. He started off at the Naval Academy before he came to his senses and realized that his path was an artistic one. For the past 10 years he has been teaching at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Since that time he has helped to write 3 minors for the school, created and revamped many classes, and sent burgeoning alumni out into the world to wreak their comic mayhem upon the minds and eyes of the willing yet unsuspecting. He is proud of everything that they have done.
Jeremy Nguyen, SEQALab blogger-in-chief
Jeremy Nguyen is a pretty nice person. He is somewhere between being a junior and a senior in the Sequential Art program. He reads words and looks at pictures, sometimes both when they are put together to create pictorial narratives.
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