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Posted on 12 January 2010 by admin

It’s the first Meanwhile of the year! One of the biggest buzzes for comics in 2010 seems to be digital distribution. Not only have people been talking about comics shifting from print to online, e-readers and color tablets will be game-changers in the publishing industry. If SCAD’s industrial design program’s involvement with the development of a tablet is any indication of a bright future for the technology, then I say to all SEQAhomies to start saving up money now, because the tablet is going to be wonderful for comics.

Resources | has recently switched to a subscription model. Many SCAD students have been previous users of the website and its free content, but it looks like the resource is no more, unless $30 is paid. It’s sad to see it gone, as it was helpful to some of the students that were honestly interested in webcomics. $30 a year might actually be quite a bargain, ofcourse, but it was still nice to have something that costed nothing on top of our tuition. Meanwhile, we hope that the podcast remains free.

Funding | Alum Joey Weiser is self-publishing his second graphic novel, “Cavemen in Space”, and needs help in the form of dollars. Learn how you can also win prizes from your donation! [Tragic-Planet]

Interviews | Graduate Kel McDonald talks about collecting her webcomic in print. You should support her fund over at Kickstarter! [Sequential Tart]

Jobs | Alum Ploy Rojanavipat isa production artist for the new FX animated series “Archer”, which premieres this Thursday!

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