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Posted on 15 September 2009 by admin


Welcome back to SCAD everyone! If you’ve been to Norris Hall already, you’ll find that we are sharing the building with other majors! Although it’s not new that Speech and Public Speaking has taken place in Norris, we also have a few Fashion majors and Graphic Design students. Check out the bulletin board by the stairs for your class schedules and information about our off-campus programs being offered this year.

SCAD Event | There is a Jeremy Mullins Memorial in the O-House Ballroom at 8PM Wednesday.

Interview | If you’ve taken Visual Storytelling 1 with professor Tom Lyle, you’re probably familiar with Shawn Martinbrough’s How to Draw Noir Comics, a recommended textbook for the class. Tim O’shea interviews him about the book and talks about his current projects that include a Luke Cage book. [Robot6]

Education | Comic book education is reaching other schools besides SCAD! Michigan State University is offering a class called The History of the Modern Comic Book. [Bleeding Cool]

Creators | Ben Cohen gets plugged because he’s debuting a new webcomic srip called SHAME on his blog. [SCAD Alumni Association]

Creators | We received a note from Alum Michael Getty. He’s got some work coming out!

I’m finishing inking Skrull Kill Krew, I’m in the process of penciling and inking a short What If: Astonishing X-Men story. And I have a super secret AWESOME project that I’m pencil/inking that I’m about to get started on.

Have a great quarter everyone!

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  1. Josh Mauser says:

    I was sooo close to picking up the Noir Comics book on a whim, it looked pretty great.

    Now that I know Tom Lyle uses it to friggin teach I figure it’s a must buy.

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