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Posted on 12 October 2009 by admin

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #7 via
New Release | Alum Patric Reynolds has a back-up story in Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #7, hitting stands this Wednesday, October 14th. [Dark Horse]

Submissions | We’re following the Viz Media submissions policy very closely! They are NOT ONLY looking for Manga but all kinds of comics. Eric Searleman, an editor who has visited the department during Editor’s Day, is interviewed by Deb Aoki. [Deb’s Manga blog]

Education | Peter Bagge is teaching a course on Writing for Comics at Seattle University! [Bleeding Cool]

Blogs | Friend of the show Scott Kurtz wrote a great post on his coming to an understanding with Zuda Comics, an online comics competition that many SCAD students have entered. [PVP Online]

Career | The Office of Career Services at SCAD gave kudos this week, and one of them is a SEQA student:

Graduate sequential art student Melanie Florencio self-published “City People,” which is now part of the collection at Dorchester County Library.

Jobs | SCAD’s Film and Television is looking for storyboard artists, and a mass e-mail was sent to SEQA students. Reproduced after the jump: (via Mark Macauley)

Dear Sequential students,

The Film and TV Department is looking to collaborate with the Sequential Department and give you all more opportunity to expand your skills and get more outside the classroom experience. Currently there are 6 sections of Film and TV Senior Project 1 with  83 students and most of them need their films storyboarded. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for all of you to do work outside of class, that is what employers and editors are looking for, you are all talented and have done panel work so this is a great opportunity even if you haven’t taken the storyboarding classes yet.  Work with people outside your major and diversify your work and skill sets that is what the real world is looking for.

Here is the way to find and attach yourself to projects, Sign up for the 16×9 SCAD Production Weekly it is a great listing of upcoming student productions. I will be encouraging all the Film and TV Senior Project 1  students to place their project on the SCAD Production Weekly today so you will see the projects in next Mondays issue of the 16×9 SCAD Production Weekly.

You can sign up to SCAD 16×9 Production Weekly Here

Add yourself to the crew call list as a Storyboarder  Here
(please link to some samples of your work in the website section so the directors can see some of your work, it can be anywhere on the web like deviant art etc.. you don’t need a full blown site)

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