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Meanwhile… | The latest SEQA-related news

Posted on 04 September 2009 by admin


School is starting at SCAD and SEQALab is playing catch-up with the rest of the world. Many great things happened this summer, and we collect some of the notable ones here in our debut post.

• In July, SEQA Grad Alum Eleanor Davis ’05, won the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer! Congratulations! [Comic-Con International]

• In an interview, SEQA Undergrad Jeremy Sorese ’10 speaks about switching majors from Illustration to Sequential Art and the wide variety of artists that make up his influences. [Ink Mountain]

• Ben Towle (Grad ’05) has an exhibit featuring his artwork from an upcoming Amelia Earhart graphic novel.[]

• SEQA alum Rebekah Isaacs ’06 is working on a new Wildstorm series with Brian Wood. They are revitalizing a 90s classic series, “DV8” [Comic Book Resources]

• The Decatur Book Festival is happening this weekend with panels and guests from SCAD-Savannah and SCAD-Atlanta. Notable faculty include Brian Ralph and Chris Schweizer, along with Eleanor Davis and SEQALab PJs Kevin Burkhalter and Jarrett Williams. Check out the listings for their panels at [The Temple of Cartoon Mojo].


Got a tip? Are you a student, faculty, or alumni of SCAD and have a story for us to cover? Or are you just a SEQA follower who knows a SCAD student in the SEQA department with something interesting going on?  Send us an email at

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