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Posted on 04 November 2009 by admin

On this weeks show, Jarrett and Kevin talk about their ten day adventure on the west coast. Highlights include The Alternative Press Expo (APE) and a few days with good friends in Portland, Oregon. Then he have a discussion on the new breakthrough Darkhorse artist, Patric Reynolds. WEST COAST/BEST COAST SHOUT OUTS: 

Erin Milligan:

 Matt Voss:

 Gabriel Reyes:

 Perry Bible Fellowship:

 Cartoon art Museum:

 Eric Searleman:

 Ron Chan:

 Periscope Studio:

 Email the show:

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  1. Angel says:

    Heeey, Blaise Zabini is black too. And I think one of the griffindor quidditch players is too. You want token, Cho Chang is token 😛 Although the whole scottish chinese girl thing is kinda amusing.

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