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Podcast 113: End of the term!

Posted on 25 November 2009 by admin

This week episode is filled with juicy bits that issue forth from the mouths of battle weary PJ’s. The quarter is over and we have survived, weary, worn, and battered, but still full of enough energy to talk about our end of the term experiences, both good and bad.

Rashad, our resident newsman, brings to us some interesting techie info about Viz media and IDW. He drops a bomb about Zack Whedon, brother of Joss Whedon, and relates to us the happenings of two nosy librarians with too much morals on their hands.

Professor Larison and the crew relate their stories from the end of the term before diving into the Big Topic of the week.

Our must reads this week:

Invincible # 68 :  brought to you by Rashad Doucet

Lupin the 3rd : brought to you by Brett Mullins

Rashad plays stump the PJ’s with his guess the character. This week’s character was tough and obscure. Check out his lovely costume here.

Our big topic discussion this week is about writing scripts and stories for comics.
If you are new to writing for comics but really want to give it a try, then the must read for you is right here! Trust me, this book will get you on the path to creative writing and storytelling.

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