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Posted on 29 June 2008 by admin

Download our most PACKED podcast to date!  First Jarrett, Kevin, and Nat give us a report on last week’s Heroes Con – hear what industry insights these three were able to glean from other comics professionals and workshops at the convention.  After that, Jarrett tells you everything you need to know about copyrighting your creations – what forms to download, where to find them, what materials to submit, and where to send it.  Join Rashad as he tackles industry rumors with a little help from Lindsay Lohan, Nat “MoneyBox” Landry turns everyone on to the best Japanese horror comics, and then keeps it real with young, aspiring creators concerning healthcare coverage for artists.All this, our “Must reads,” and more!  Today’s episode is equipped not stripped! SPECIAL BONUS: Here’s a glimpse at what MoneyBox was drawing during the recording of the podcast!  Talented dude that Landry – multitasking!!!

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