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Podcast 162: With Webcomics Comes Great Responsibility

Posted on 25 April 2011 by admin

Hey there SEQA homies. Today we’re delving into a rather touchy subject – where do webcomics sit in the comics industry, and what kind or responsibility do webcomic creators owe their fans? It’s gettin’ crazy in hurr.

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  1. Megan says:

    There’s a new webcomic that just started. only a few strips but it’s pretty funny :3

  2. Melony says:

    There’s a superhero webcomic being put out by Faith Erin Hicks called The Adventures of Superhero Girl

  3. Emily says:

    I really enjoy Ryan Pequin’s webcomic,

    Also, I don’t believe I’ve heard you mention at all; Anthony Clark has a great sense of humor.

  4. Doctor Kara says:

    hmmm this webcomic has heroes in it

    and here’s one done by a coworker of mine

    good show guys!

  5. Francis James Hogan says:

    I was listening to your show (great one BTW) and I was all like, hey I make a superhero web-comic, but then I realized you meant GOOD superhero web-comics.
    But if you’re ever looking for a superhero comic that features absolutely no one acting super or heroic check out my comic My Supa Life at
    It updates Tuesday and Thursday.

  6. KB says:

    Man. This is the first time I’ve actually heard people that shared my opinions on webcomics and hiatuses or disappearances. So many people get mad at me for saying I’m upset that a webcomic has just dropped off the face of the earth. They ALWAYS say “It’s free you have no right to complain.” As a person that also does a webcomic I think it’s just rude to your fans to not say SOMETHING if trouble comes up. A simple “I’m sorry, it’s personal.” would do. At least, as mentioned, your fans would know you haven’t died.

    Also as far as I’ve heard the 4De thing with Tessa is a lie. Both The Meek and Lack-a-daisy Cats go through them as well.

    As for superhero webcomics:

  7. Jeff Couturier says:

    Listening to the podcast and just heard talk of Ramon Perez’ Kukuburi not updating and “flaking out.” There is a really, really big difference between a casual web comic that an artist creates in their spare time and a webcomic that an artist creates as their primary work. You touched on that difference, but didn’t seem to realize that it applies to Kukuburi. Ramon Perez is a really busy dude working on little things like Captain American and Deadpool print comics and spent years regularly updating the Butternut Squash webcomic. He made it clear from the beginning that Kukuburi was a casual side project. He definitely isn’t flaking out, and deserves a lot more credit than I think you gave him.

    You also said there are no good superhero comics on the web. Not true (see below).

    Overall, I appreciate the attention you gave to webcomics in this episode but it didn’t seem like anyone did their homework. I highly recommend just watching the #webcomics and #comics discussion on Twitter for a day.

    Superhero comics:

    Ratfist by Doug TenNapel –
    Tales of a Checkered Man –
    The SuperFogeys –
    Dr McNinja –
    Magellan –
    The Non-Adventures of Wonderella –
    Axe Cop –

    And other great webcomics:

    Scenes From A Multiverse-
    Orneryboy –
    Other good web comics?
    Battlepug –
    Dresden Codak –
    Monster Isle –
    Space Base 8 –
    Girls With Slingshots – http://girlswithslingshots
    Bleeker the Recharegable Dog –
    Hijinks Ensue –
    Zorphbert and Fred –
    Chippy and Loopus –
    K And J –
    Starslip –
    Bear Nuts –
    Woody After Hours –
    Sister Claire: Pregnant nun –
    Muddlecreek –

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