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Podcast 168: DC’s 52

Posted on 26 September 2011 by admin

AND WE ARE BACK! Welcome to the season premiere of SEQALab. We’re starting off with a bang as we delve into the news of DC’s new 52 – and the surrounding controversy. A good topic for any comic fan, superhero or not!

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  1. Matiny says:

    Whassup Seqalab,
    I’m glad to see that people dislike sex in comics. As a writer of action stories, it pleases me that I’m not the only one who sees sex as gimmicky and “loser-ish writing!” I mean, really. It seems as if…

    Action story + At least one hot girl = obligatory sexual content for no real reason.

    And uhhhh, that Red Hood comic is just unbecoming. That was perfectly good action scene space that those boys wasted.


  2. Sam Otten says:

    A couple of corrections: (1) Advertising for the New 52 was not just in comic books and comic websites, there was lots of broad coverage of the New 52 such as NPR, Time, NYT, etc. That’s how I found out about it, which brings me to (2) Just because the panel is into comics and bought DC more than usual this month does not mean that the large sales figures are due to comic readers coming over to check out DC. I’m new to comics and will be following at least 4-5 DC books for awhile now, starting with these #1s. And I know of several other new readers who’ve picked up copies.

    “There’s more to women than sex.” It’s your fault for focusing only on the few pages with sexual content rather than all the rest of the pages.

    It is not a PR stunt but a necessary reboot in a universe that had gotten convoluted so that storytelling could be freed up. The creative teams are unanimously thankful for this and us new readers are thankful for the opportunity to jump in, though the pretentiousness of this group makes me determined to get into comics without getting into the culture of the likes of you. (Although the faculty member brought some sanity to the room.)

    Although I’ll be going back to the comic shop for the foreseeable future, I won’t be coming back to this site or podcast.

  3. Sam says:

    When do you guys record? I’m an online student who’ll be stopping by SCAD this weekend and wanted to stop in and say hello.


  4. admin says:

    1. There was no advertising down in the Southeast on NPR that I heard, but I only listen to shows during the weekend.

    2. You have to understand that DC and Marvel use women in scant outfits over and over again, so it is about women in sex. Im glad you like what you are reading so far, but DC is a large company and they know as does everyone else that sex sells, so they chose to go the low road in several books. Not all their books are like that, but they showed enough women in next to nothing. That is frustrating to see that they continue to degrade many female characters. And you have to understand that it only takes a few pages for the majority of readers to have a problem with the sexuality of women. Our students are not pretentious. It is their job and mine to break down comics into all it’s component parts. This is why we have a huge problem with the few books that DC has decided to put out that showcase women in such a fashion. It isn’t their fault for focusing on that, not ours. It is the fault of DC for deciding that that was how they wanted to portray their female characters. While I do agree that they needed a reboot and freedom from the long story arcs that so many people would be lost in, some of the writers and editors continue to be misogynistic in a few titles. Perhaps they have a reason and it will all get sorted out later and this is a story arc that takes the readers into a stronger female character, but it also is a strong way to alienate a lot of women.

    While losing a reader is tough, if you feel that you must go over one podcast, then have a safe journey and maybe you can find your way back in the future. There are a lot of good podcasts on comics out there. Ours is more about creating comics and interviewing top professionals in the field. It is here for people to find a home. If you like what DC is doing then please enjoy it, but for now I remain uncertain of their decisions in many or their titles.

  5. admin says:


    Sorry we missed you. We always record on Friday late afternoon. It is normally a closed studio, but we would definitely love to meet you if you get the chance to stop by Norris! We like having an occasional guest.

  6. Francis James Hogan says:

    Great first episode for the new semester, loved the topic and the intellect everyone displayed at approaching the touchy subjects. I also wanted to let you know that Albany, the capital of New York and home of the Albany Comic Con, is pronounced ALL-bah-nee by the natives.

  7. Paul in Greensboro, NC says:

    I’ll second some of what Mr. Otten said. It sounded like everyone was extrapolating their own personal experience with the new 52 out to the rest of the world. I didn’t see ads outside of the normal places, but I don’t consume much media that isn’t already nerdy. One of the great/bad things about the internet & whatnot is that I can fill my day with media without ever having to see stuff aimed at “normal” people. But I know that my town’s LCS ran new 52 -related ads at movie theaters in Greensboro and High Point, NC. The Greensboro News & Record ran some kind of story about it. I know from reading comic news websites that DC went out of their way to plant stories in USA Today and other non-comics-oriented places. I didn’t see that stuff personally, b/c it was in “normal” media which doesn’t interest me, but it was out there.

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