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Posted on 27 October 2008 by admin

The Ever Kinetic Rashad Doucet hosts today’s episode covering this past week’s comic industry news, Elena’s account of her time working for the  Belgian Comic Strip Center, and the gang’s selected “must reads.” We also check in on Nat “MoneyBox” Landry for a review of the Vagabond art books, and Jarrett, Kevin, and Kate’s time up at SCAD-Atlanta’s Publishers Day event!

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  1. TheLizardKing says:

    At 13:19 the volume just cuts out and there is nothing but dead silence! Both from the streaming flash applet to the downloadable mp3.

  2. Rik says:

    Hi guys. There seem to be something wrong with the audio file, both streaming and downloaded. Audio cuts off at the 13:19 mark.

    Hopefully you can post the complete file.

    I started listening to your podcasts since learning about your site via Scott Kurtz’s pvponline. Keep it up.

    – Listener from Edmonton, Canada

  3. admin says:

    Hey folks – Thanks for the heads up about the file! I’ve fixed it and I’m uploading the new cut as I type – things should be good in about 5 min.

    Thanks again!!!!!

    – Jeremy

  4. Chris Chavez (Equinox) says:

    Whew! Thought I mighta been the only one that happened to. Much thanks for fixing this everybody.

  5. Dan Greenwald says:

    Thanks for fixing the file. I thought my iPod was malfunctioning, but when I tried to listen to it at home it did the same thing.

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