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Posted on 24 November 2008 by admin

Join us for Rashad’s news followed by a rousing discussion of the future of syndicated comic strips. Can the comics section make a successful transition to the web? Hmmm, we don’t know either.

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  1. Josh Routt says:

    Can Dan Didio be Pre-crisis? Then we’d NEVER HAFTA SEE HIM AGAIN…

  2. Josh Routt says:

    (repost comment)

    Can we please make dan didio Pre-crisis? Then we could pretend he never existed…

  3. Prof. Mullins says:

    Good job on the edit Kev! I’m on the road, but SEQALAB is not far from my thoughts. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. ilitchev says:

    Can you guys put up the link to the Wonderboy picture/site? I’m really interested in the project.

  5. rashad says:

    thanks for the comments guys.

    josh- you know i was all for mr. didio until this. i understand that DC is trying to do some massive changes to keep up with marvel but i just wanted grants epic to be untouched. they could screw everything else up, but not that. :(

  6. Josh Routt says:

    Rashad – I’m behind you 100% on that man….just as a matter of principle…

  7. Fetalgrindings says:

    I also want to do a Wonderboy. I just got home, all excited to draw, and now I’m getting blue-balled. Get on it!

  8. rashad says:

    I you guys should just email the images to Jeremy or me we’ll get them to dave.

    Although i’m not sure if he has something online about it yet. I’ll get on it.

  9. sixdegreesofdavewheeler says:

    That is my Live journal but if you want to email it you can send it to the email above or my scadmail
    which is I’ll try and get Kev some info and what not to post up on here ASAP!

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