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Posted on 01 December 2008 by admin


Seqa-PJ Kevin takes advantage going home for the Thanksgiving holiday and talks with his dad about comics. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get too mushy. C’mon, it’s comics!

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  1. rashad says:

    cool beans man! (that’s right i said cool beans…. i’m bringin’ it back)

  2. Josh Routt says:

    Wow, that was cool man! Its always cool when you can talk about the type of comics your parents had read. Well done Kevin.

    Man, Rashad…talk about jumping on the bandwagon late…Cool Beans has ALREADY made a comeback…i’ve been using it since junior high…

  3. Josh Mauser says:

    Ditto to the beans thing, man.

  4. rashad says:

    lol josh r. you suck sir for being so hip and in the now.

  5. Josh Routt says:

    Rashad – it IS a hassle… I know

  6. Prof. Mullins says:

    This was great Kev! I dig what you’re doing with the sound effects

  7. Saxby Chambliss says:

    Why you gotta rag on the classics illustrated? That’s my childhood, man, that’s what informs my work. You’re lucky I left my scabbard in the hot air balloon!

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