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SCAD students stayed busy over the break!

Posted on 04 January 2010 by admin

Winter break for SCAD students is a long one, but many manage to stay busy. Our break lasts from right before Thanksgiving to the first week in January, which gives us a lot of time to get our side projects done. A handful of students even went to study in Japan (pictured above)! Here’s a round-up of what some SEQAHomies have been up to.

(The Cast of SEQALAB):

(Other SCAD SEQAHomies):

  • Grace Allison created her portfolio website.
  • Matt Ruedinger launched his webcomic, Earth to Chad.
  • Melanie Florencio was “approached by the South Carolina State Library and the South Carolina Library Association to speak during 2010 about Sequential Art programs in South Carolina Public Libraries and the importance of having Sequential Art within these libraries.” Spreadin’ that SEQA love!
  • Chair to the the Department, David Allan Duncan, was quoted a whole bunch in an article concerning Portland’s recent acquiring of Dark Horse Archives. He was also drawn into a strip of PvP by Scott Kurtz.
  • Kel MacDonald had an eventful break. Her blog post about Keenspot was passed around the community, and she was a guest strip artist for PvP!

(SCAD-Tokyo round-up):

Thanks to Daniel Woodling for the photo. If you have any projects you did over the break, please let us know in our comments section!

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  1. Aja Moore-Young says:

    A few SCADies ended up being picked to be in Art for the World: myself, Cari Corene, and Amanda Francis. They are still taking pre-orders for the book, but not for much longer. All proceeds go to two charities (Susan G. Komen Foundation and ARTS: A Reason To Survive organization).

  2. Duncan says:

    That’s really cool Aja!

  3. Sarah says:

    I think it’s great that everyone stayed so busy over the break. I think this list should be a bucket list! I would love to cross some of these off before I die..

    Art Gallery Scottsdale

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