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Posted on 02 December 2007 by admin

SEQA undergrad Steve Abrams sent this out to some of us tonight – what a great idea!!! Extra bonus points to Mr. Abrams for being all high-tech and shiznit with his Japan trip. It’ll give those of us who didn’t get the opportunity to go a look at what will be learned. Here’s Steve’s message:

Hello Family and Friends

As many may know I’ll be heading off in the morning for the off campus trip to Japan. In preparation for Japan I created a simple video blog site in order to upload what I and my fellow off campus participants will be experiencing as well as keep everyone up to date on how we are all doing.

The link to the site is:

I’ve already uploaded the first video entry, a test of sorts, of the night before we leave. Basically it’s me in front of my web cam summarizing what the whole blog is about. I would like to apologize ahead of time for my poor camera presence, but there is no doubt in my mind the next video will be exceedingly much interesting then the first as that will actually take place in Tokyo.

I plan to upload a video every 2 to 3 days depending on the work load and internet availability. So, stay tuned or at the least bookmark the site as there will probably also be photos accompanying the videos.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome or if you want just send me an e-mail to check in, that’s fine too.

Till next time,

Steve Abrams

P.S. Sorry for any typos, it’s past midnight after all, and my mind may already fighting the urge to sleep.


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