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Going APE, Day 1 reactions

Posted on 17 October 2009 by admin


It’s a magnificent day to be in the city. I flew in Thursday and just missed the Monday and Tuesday storms that attacked the entire East Bay. The sun came out, a cool breeze swept in, and I was able to take full advantage of the most comfortable weather that I’ve been missing. APE had no idea how ready I was for it.

It’s the first night and I’m completely worn out.

First of all, this was the first time I’ve ever seen a line forming after the doors had already been open for an hour. I had to stand in line to purchase a badge when the norm was walking up to an empty vendor and picking up one. It wasn’t a long line, but there is no doubt that I stood in one.

There is a huge passion for the arts, and it can be felt at every table. Energy is just pulsating, colors are jumping off from screen prints, and books are not pushed upon passing people like a car salesmen. Instead, handmade zines, stuffed toys, silkscreened tees, and DIY comics invite any wandering eye that is in search for something new and refreshing. The east coast got their taste of welcoming in new and exciting minis with SPX, and now the west is getting that same experience.

There hasn’t been any major complaints at all towards the show. Sales seem to be up and interest is at large! People are seemingly taking more risks on zines and self-published comics they’ve never seen before. Hardcover graphic novels are a big item, as well as small hand-bound books. Prints are everywhere, as well as tees, but overall I think comics are still the best sellers of the convention.

We’ll be back for a full con report this coming week! If you are attending APE, or have any thoughts on the subject please let us know in our comments section! We’ll see how Sunday shapes up and how the attendance numbers may drop, but I’m predicting that thehigh  level of enthusiasm will remain the same.

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