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Heroes Con 2010 The Seqalab experience

Posted on 08 June 2010 by admin

This past weekend was the annual Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC .  This was my fourth year visiting the convention and I must say that is was definitely the best one so far. There were more artists and a few more large names in attendance than before in previous years.

For the past four years SCAD has been taking part in the Convention by giving workshops to all the convention goers. The Professors of the Sequential Art department from both the Atlanta campus and the Savannah campus were in attendance to give talks on specific aspects of comics, storytelling, storyboarding, toy design, and various other topics.


Heroes Con gets better year after year and the professors all enjoy taking part in the convention as a way to promote the school, the students, and their work, as well as finding artists who would like to come for our yearly comics art forums.


Professor David Duncan talks to Mark Waid about a possible SCAD visit.

This year Professors Anthony Fisher, David Allan Duncan, John Lowe, June Brigman, Roy Brigman, John Larison, as well as a recent grad student alumn Pat Bollin were there to give their specifics workshops. The workshops went over very well as always. Tom Lyle was missed by all, but he was being updated with a new 2010 eyeball that works. He will be back in full force next year! Professor Michael Jantze was supposed to go, but had to bow out due to last minute freelance. Several people came up and asked about him.The SCAD booth was constantly busy with questions from show goers as well as comic artists about the classes, how to apply, as well as stopping by to admire the students who were drawing, inking, and sculpting while answering questions about the school.

We’ve got a photo parade after the jump!

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